Spark eTXT

Importing Contacts

The "Import Contacts" feature allows you to easily and efficiently upload multiple contacts from an external source such as a customer database

The "Import Contacts" option appears in both Contacts > All Contacts and Contacts > Contact Groups

Click on "Import contacts" at the top right of the page:

Uploading contact data

First, you will need to prepare your contact data:

When your contact list is ready, upload it to the web portal using either the "Browse" function or "Drag & Drop" your file straight into the upload window:

Matching data columns

After uploading your contact data you need to map the information in your spreadsheet to the relevant available fields

If your contact database includes additional custom information, then this can be mapped to the "Custom" fields in the contact profile.

If you have a column that has the groups you'd like to add each person to, you can select Advanced Options and select the column that has the groups in it. For multiple groups, you can separate them by commas - for example, Mary would be added to 2 groups, 'All Staff' and 'Auckland staff'.

Important: When using this option, make sure you select the correct column. If you accidentally choose the first name column, you'll have a group created in eTXT for each first name in your spreadsheet.

Once you have aligned your data correctly, click "Import in the bottom right of the screen to complete the action.

Reviewing Import Results

You will then be shown a result of the import in the middle of the screen, along with links for review of successful and failed imports. You can review the specific data by clicking the links in the notification