Spark eTXT

Sub-account Usage Reports

You can run detailed reports on sub-account usage at any time in the web portal, giving you a top-down view of each sub-account over time and allowing you to compare usage. You can even schedule and email sub-account usage reports direct from the web portal.

Start by going to Reports, and then select Sub Account Usage

You will then be presented with the sub-account usage report screen:

1. You can select a date range and which sub-accounts for which you want to run the report. This will default to all accounts.

2. Clicking Run report will apply your filters (click Reset to clear).

3. You can schedule reports to be distributed to a nominated list of recipients, or email a report to inboxes of your choice.

4. Here you are shown a comparative view of all sub-account usage, allowing you easily identify the largest volume senders

5. This is the account-level breakdown. By clicking on any of the account names, you will be taken to the Detailed Report screen filtered to that sub-account

Cold accounts are any accounts that have not sent any messages during the selected timeframe.