Spark eTXT

Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports provide extensive data regarding the messages sent and received and can be accessed via Reports > Detailed Reports.

Features and data include:

Reports can be filtered by the following:

1. Date Range - Up to 12 months can be selected

2. Accounts - parent account can filter on sub-accounts

3. Status - user can filter on message status

4. Contact - user can filter on contact or mobile number

5. Advanced filters - can be used for either default or custom metadata and can be expanded by clicking 'Advanced Filters'. Custom metadata can only be supplied via the REST API. Default metadata can be viewed in the table

6. Summary Charts

7. Outbound Message Table

A list of outbound messages displayed in order of date & time sent as per the preset date range

8. Inbound Message Table

A list of all inbound messages displayed in order or date & time received as per the preset date range

9. Column Menu

A dropdown list of data columns that can be added or removed from the inbound/outbound message tables

Message Tables - Outbound

The outbound messages for the specified filter selections will be displayed in the "Sent (outbound)" tab. You can add or remove columns from the "Columns" dropdown list:

Available columns for the outbound table are as follows:

Message Tables - Inbound

Inbound messages for the specified filter selections are displayed in the "Received (inbound)" tab. Columns can also be edited for the inbound table:

Available columns for the inbound table are as follows: