Spark eTXT

Understanding Automation Conditions

Automations are triggered based on conditions, and those conditions can be singular or multiple depending on the user's needs. This article explores the various conditions that can be used to trigger automations.

1. Message Type

The first condition is "hard-coded" (i.e. it cannot be changed) to "Message Type" and "SMS" because all automations are triggered by an inbound SMS message:

2. Receiving Number

This is locked to "Any number" as all messages are sent from your number pool

3. Message Content

Here is where you can set your keywords by either inclusion, exclusion, or message preface. Basically this means that you can trigger your automation if:

4. Date & Time received

You can restrict the timing of the automation by setting a date and time window during which messages must be received in order to trigger the automation, or a start or finish point for the automation:

This is especially useful if you are using automations to run a timed campaign such as a registration for an event or program, or you are looking to forward responses to email or mobile after office hours.

You do not have to set all of the above conditions for your automation except for message type, and you can remove a condition by clicking on the dustbin icon next to each condition: