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Sending Messages

There are a few different methods that can be used to send messages in the Web Portal depending on your needs. Let's take a look...

Quick Message

Just like sending a message from your own handset, Quick Message is an easy way to send ad hoc messages fast!
You will find the Quick Message link in the header bar of every page so it's always one click away:

Click it to send a message in two simple steps:

  1. To - enter a mobile number, contact name, group name, or even a combination.
  2. Compose - type your message here, the character count and credits are calculated as you type.

Once you’re finished, hit Send now and your message will be processed. Simple! 

Helpful Tips:

  • You can send to multiple contacts and/or groups with Quick Message.
  • If you have any saved templates, you can select them from the drop down in the top left of this box to pre-populate your message.
  • You can add an opt-out message using the "Add unsubscribe" option, which will appear in the top right of this box if you have Automatic Unsubscribe activated in your account settings.
  • Check the bottom of the message box to see how many characters and messages are being utilised for your send.

"New Message" with Preview

Use this option if you want to send more complex personalised and bulk messages.

In the left-hand menu, click Messaging and then New Message:

Next, enter the recipient details:

  1. Recipient field - enter the recipient(s) name or number, or contact group(s) here. 
  2. Search contacts button - you can search through your contact list and select individual or multiple contacts to add.
  3. Search contact groups  button - you can also search your contact group list to add individual or multiple contact groups.

Note - When searching for contact groups, you can expand each group to select or remove specific contacts within each group:

Now, compose your message in the Message content field. You'll see that as you type, the message preview on the right will update in real-time: 

When you are happy with your message, click the Send now button in the bottom right corner.

Helpful Tips:


Sending from the Inbox

You can send a new message straight from the inbox to any recipient, without needing to receive an inbound message from them first.

To do this, select the Inbox from the left-hand menu, and then click the New button above the conversation list. A new conversation will open, and you can enter the recipient's name or number into the To field above the conversation thread.

If a name or number you enter matches a contact you have saved, you can select them from the automatic dropdown box:

If you are sending to a new number, you can easily add the recipient to your contacts by entering their details (including their subscription status) into the contact panel on the right and clicking Save.

Once you've added your recipient, type your message or select a template from the drop-down menu and hit Send:

For a more detailed look at all the bells and whistles the inbox has to offer, check out this article

Using Personalised Fields

When sending to saved contacts, you can personalise your messages by using any of the Custom Fields from the contact profile that have been populated with information. When writing your message, just click on the Personalisation tab and select which field(s) to drop into your message. The preview on the right will show you what your message will look like when the personalisation field pulls the data from the first recipient's contact information. Use the arrows below the message preview to scroll through the first five recipients to double check that the data is populating correctly: 

Sending to a List of Numbers

To send the same message to a large list of numbers, go to Messaging and then New Message.

Now, there are a few different ways you can add multiple numbers:

1. Paste Numbers

If you have a list of numbers in a spreadsheet, you can copy them directly from the spreadsheet and paste them into the To field:

2. Add Contacts / Groups

3. Import from file

The system will try to automatically detect the mobile number column from your imported data: 

Like before, write your message in the message content field. You'll notice that the personalised fields are now mirroring the column headers in your imported data file: 

Once you are happy, simply click Send now.

Draft Messages

It's possible to create a draft of a message that can be saved and reviewed before sending.

The Save button will appear as an action on the bottom right of the New Message screen.

To view all draft messages, click on Drafts in the Messaging menu:

In the Draft messages list, you'll have the ability to Edit or Delete draft messages by clicking on the three dots to the right of each message.

Forwarding Sent Messages

You can forward sent messages without having to copy the content and paste it into a new message.

This is done by going to Messages, then Sent, then clicking the three dots alongside the message you want to forward to a new recipient and clicking Forward:

This will then open a new message screen with the content field pre-populated with the message you want to forward. 

Important Things to Remember

If your messages are not sending correctly, check these important things to see if there are any errors with your broadcast: